How Much Fat Is There in 2% Milk?

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To put it another way, what percentage of calories comes from fat in milk that is labeled 2% milk fat? The obvious answer, 2%, is very wrong.

Type of Milk Calories from Fat
Whole or 4% Milk Fat 46%
2% Milk Fat 35%
1% Milk Fat 20%
Skim or Nonfat 0%

It is true that only 2% of the total volume of 2% milk is fat. After all, milk is mostly water. But such statements are also very clever marketing ploys as they suggest that there are very few fat calories in the product.

You will find other items described similarly, such as 5% fat ground beef. Or instead of listing how much fat there is, the manufacturer will identify how much fat there isn't, as in 97% fat-free ham. Either way, it can be misleading.

If you are watching fat consumption, you need to examine the actual number of fat calories or grams of fat in a product.

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