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30 Things You Can Do Instead of Eating


Do you eat for comfort because you're frustrated or bored, or because of some other feeling you want to escape? Here are 30 things that you can do instead:

[  ] Call or e-mail a supportive friend.
[  ] Go to the gym or for a jog.
[  ] Read our Diet and Weight Loss Tips.
[  ] Enjoy a long bath or shower.
[  ] Chew some sugarless gum or brush your teeth.
[  ] Put a puzzle together.
[  ] Play a game with your spouse, children or pet.
[  ] Tackle a household chore.
[  ] Go for a walk.
[  ] Do something you enjoy like knitting to keeps your hands busy.
[  ] Experiment with putting your makeup on in a different way.
[  ] Make a grocery list of healthy foods for the coming week.
[  ] Walk out of the kitchen and give yourself a pat on the back.
[  ] Reorganize a closet or junk drawer.
[  ] Work in your garden, or start an herb garden in your kitchen.
[  ] Do the laundry.
[  ] Write in your diary about what you are feeling.
[  ] Turn on some music and dance.
[  ] Post in our Diet and Weight Loss Forums.
[  ] Read a good book or magazine.
[  ] Take a 15-minute nap.
[  ] Drink a glass of water or other non-caloric beverage.
[  ] Work out with an exercise video.
[  ] Study a foreign language from sources you Google on the web.
[  ] Apply a facial mask.
[  ] Do a crossword or Sudoku puzzle.
[  ] Read a Diet and Weight Loss Tutorial topic.
[  ] Go on-line to find inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.
[  ] Find a saying to repeat when you feel like eating.
[  ] Make a chart and give yourself a star for not eating.

Post this list on your refrigerator, and see how many you can check off. After completing one of these tasks, it's likely that you'll be in a better frame of mind.

Healthy regards,
Megan Porter, RD

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