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Lose Weight with a Hobby


Most hobbies not only burn calories, but also help you avoid boredom, one of the most frequent triggers for overeating. If you have a hobby that keeps your hands and mind off the cookie jar, your waist will likely benefit as well.

If you have learned to cope with boredom, stress, and anxiety through eating, finding a hobby that interests you may be a great help. The right hobby will keep you busy and lift your spirits, and many hobbies come with a community of people who share the same interest and offer support.

No need to knit! A hobby can be anything you have an interest in, perhaps something that always sounded fun but you never got around to doing. You can use our Activity Calculator to see how many calories different activities burn, but to keep your interest perhaps the most important factor in picking a hobby is finding one you enjoy.

During his childhood, an overweight friend of mine always felt left out when his friends hit the ski slopes each winter. When he became a father, he didn't want his kids to suffer the same experience.

His solution was to take ski lessons with his kids. He now has a family of skiers, and he has become a ski instructor on weekends. His new hobby has been a benefit to his spirits, his waistline, his health, and his entire family.

You might choose something a little less adventurous, but finding a hobby that keeps you moving has the benefit of burning extra calories as well as keeping your mind occupied. You will still receive plenty of benefit from more sedentary hobbies, but be sure to allow time each day to be active.

Do you have a hobby? Share about your hobby or your desire for one in our forum:  Do you have a hobby that helps with weight loss?

Healthy regards,
Megan Porter, RD

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